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is the owner of the CCS & Musicam brand names, as well as the manufacturer of the Musicam Suprima IP codec family, that comprises the following codecs: Suprima, SuprimaLC, SuprimaX, TeamMate and RoadWarrior.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: PRODYS have a solid reputation as a world-class audio codec manufacturer. In addition to this, we are owners of the CCS and Musicam USA brand names and thus, we have been marketing our units in the US under these names over the last 8 years, since 2006.

For some reasons that are out of the scope of this communication, we closed our commercial relationship with Mr Alvin Sookoo, former CEO of our branch office in New Jersey, back in 2012 and, for similar reasons, we have also recently closed our commercial relationship with IPCodecs and DMC Broadcast Group. These two companies are partners and are managed by Mr. Chris Tobin and Mr. Don Cardone respectively, and they both have been our main distributors in the US till very recently. They are no longer able to place any purchase order to Prodys.

So, if your company is operating in the audio and video coding market and needs a quotation about any of our codecs (CCS/Musicam) please feel free to contact sales@prodys.net. If your company work as a reseller and/or distributor in the broadcast audio and video market, do not hesitate to contact us for further information. We are looking for new resellers and a Master Distributor in the US.

If you are looking for some information about any of our CCS/Musicam codecs, please take into account the following equivalences between Prodys model names and the model names given to the products sold under the CCS/Musicam brand name, and please bear in mind that these units only differenciate in the model name, but they run exactly the same software in the same hardware:

Suprima IP Codec
Suprima IP Codec
Nereus One
SuprimaX 1U
About Prodys: Prodys was established in 1995 and is based in Madrid, Spain. It has always had an international profile supplying its products to more than 50 countries.

The company specializes in Audio & Video compression algorithms and transmission technologies, both in hardware and software.

With a staff of more than 30, of which 70% are engineering based, Prodys’ initial developments in audio compression led to the creation of the PRONTO ISDN & X.21 audio codec. This first model was enhanced by a program of continuous development to include new algorithms (MPEG II & III) and was released as the PRONTO 2 and PRONTO 3.

Prodys’ pioneering strategy has lead to the creation of a range of codecs designed to take advantage of the global desire to unify transmission media by the use of IP (Internet Protocol).

This new equipment from Prodys has replaced the successful PRONTO ISDN codec, and of course incorporates the technologies and new developments that made the universally acclaimed PRONTO ISDN codecs so successful.

In 2004 the PRONTONET was launched. This codec included IP, ISDN & X.21 as well as a full range of industry standard algorithms including AAC and apt-X in a 1U rack mounting unit.

The PRONTONET family has now been expanded to include robust portable codecs (Nomada IPW & Nomada IP XL) as well as multi-channel rack mounting units (Nereus & Nereus One).

Prodys have now expanded their product range to include the unique portable video codec IKUSNET, which was first shown operating at NAB 2010.

Prodys is almost unique in that it designs and develops all of its products and technologies in house, giving the ability to quickly adapt its products to changing markets and even individual customer requirements.

Prodys as a company are justifiably proud of the achievements of its R&D department some of its functions are detailed below:
  • Hardware design including specification of circuits, printed circuit boards & enclosures for all the products.
  • Programming of all audio and video compression algorithms on DSP & FPGA platforms.
  • Software design and architecture for control and streaming.
  • Complying with international safety standards.
  • Contributing to and implementing operational software to EBU standards.
  • Integration.
Prodys has a company philosophy based on:
  • Providing Quality solutions.
  • Use of State of the art technology.
  • Excellent support and customer service.
About CCS/Musicam:Corporate Computer Systems, better known as CCS was founded in 1977 by two former Bell Telephone Laboratories engineers.

In 1995 CCS began doing business as MUSICAM USA, by this time CCS had already engineered a number of trailblazing products. These include the first audio codecs based on MUSICAM, our compatible enhancement to the world ISO standard MPEG Layer 2 encoding(US Patent on file), the first "POTS" codecs for high quality transmission over a regular analog telephone lines(US Patent on file), and the first all-in-one portable ISDN codec mixer to offer MUSICAM mpeg, MPEG layer 3 and G.722 encoding algorithms.

Introduction of the Netstar and Roadstar IP codecs in 2002 offered a new solution to outside broadcasts using the new IP platforms.

Our commitment to innovation continued when in 2006, Prodys adquired CCS/Musicam and we followed ahead of the table of the audio compression market with Suprima, Road Warrior and SupriMax IP codecs, using best of class parallel computer processing available. We introduced the idea of intelligent audio codecs, with a wide range of programmable automatic features, and because innovation is ongoing at CCS MUSICAM USA, we make our products upgradeable through software that is easily available from our website.

CCS Video a newly formed business within CCS in 2007 introduced the Ikunset video IP codec. Ikusnet is the portable integrated news contribution system for 'live on location' first video and audio to your studio via IP, WAN,LAN,3G/4G or satcom. Just add a camera or two and go!


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