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Nomada IP is a new full-duplex, dual (Program &Talkback) audio codec. With its all new design - robust, compact and a flat control surface that prevents damage to the knobs & controls also makes it very easy to use.

NomadaIP is a portable audio codec with all ProntoNet functionality built-in. It comes fitted with an inbuilt channel mixer to route and mix both input sources and output destinations. All audio and communication parameters, including input/output signla routing and levels that can be remotely configured & controlled. These can be stored in different presets to make setup and use by non technical stuff very easy.
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Its most important features are:


   · Inbuilt channel mixer for both input and output sources
        -- 2 Mic/Line inputs with phantom power (48V). XLR connectors.
        -- 1 Line input with 3.5mm minijack connector.
        -- 2 headphone outputs (6,35mm jack connectors) & 2 auxiliary line outputs (XLR connectors).
   · Compressor/limiter for Program Channel.
   · Remote control of levels and signals (I/O matrix).
   · Supports Mpeg1/2 LayerII/III, AAC, apt-X, G711/G722 and PCM.
   · The various signals to monitor on the headphone and the auxiliary outputs can be set by web-interface.
   · Configuration presets: The whole audio configuration parameters can be stored in different presets.


   · NomadaIP supports Uunicast, Multicast and Multi-Unicast IP audio streaming connections.

   · Built-in 1-BRI ISDN terminal adapter. S/T and U interfaces. Protocols: EISDN, DMS100, NAT1 and AT5ESS.

   · Dual operation over IP and ISDN: Program and Talkback lines.

   · BackUp System: ISDN as a secondary link for IP.

   · Ethernet 10/100BaseTX interface: Full industry-standard TCP/UDP/IP connectivity. No special      networking required. The following protocols are provided:

           · DNS: Domain Name Server.
           · DHCP: IP address auto configuration.
           · RIP2: Internal/Alias IP addresses can be assigned.
           · SNTP: Clock synchronization.
           · SNMP: Remote monitoring over SNMP protocol.
           · HTTP: An embedded Web server allows the user to monitor/configure the unit from a Web Browser. An ActiveX              dynamic Web Page offers full real time monitoring.
           · IGMP: This protocol deals with Multicast traffic.
           · ICMP: IP control protocol.
           · SMTP: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.
           · IP Compatibility: SIP/SDP/RTP accoding to the standard for IP compatibility defined by the N/ACIP project within the EBU group.

   · Prodys Real time Network Analyzer to monitor critical network parameters in real time during the connection.

   · Prodys NAT Traversal Streaming Protocol permits router firewall pass-through with zero coniguration.

   · FEC (Forward Error Correction) is supported as per the RFC 2733 standard. Up to 24 different schemes are available, to fit to the desired delay and available bandwidth.

  · Error Concealment mechanims on Mpeg audio modes are supported to reduce the impact of packet losses.

   · User Access Control to define different access restrictions in a per user basis.

   · Configuration presets to define different conigurations for all or some speciic parameters.

   · Streaming advance features:

     · Automatic Jitter buffer. This adjustable buffer avoids audio dropouts compensating for up to 10 seconds of jitter       in the IP connection.

     · The unit automatically adjusts in synchronisation with the transmitter site rate, to give a constant delay in IP       communications.

     · The frame size is user configurable, to give full flexibility when adjusting the delay and bandwidth use.

     · The codec provides a test tool which allows the user to check the bandwidth, delay and jitter in the IP      connection. This information can be used to adjust the streaming parameters and so, to obtain the best-quality in the      real-time audio reception.

     · Local or remotely (TCP/IP) upgrading of one or several units at once using the same utility, which is      also compatible with ProntoNet units. Factory sofware updates can be downloaded


·Can be controlled locally from its front panel, or remotely from its Web Page or from ProdysControl.

·Automatic detection of the encoding mode and independent encoder/decoder operation.

·Alarm management via SNMP/GPO/email.

·Call facilities: Auto-redial, phone book, call scheduler and log systems.

·Optional battery with charge and status indications. It can be charged on system.

·Serial port to transmit/receive ancillary data along with the audio.

·GPIO port: 2 inputs/outputs. User configurable with multiple functions such as remote contact closures.



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