The Swiss public broadcaster has recently returned from PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games in Korea and have brought back only good words about their experience with Prodys Quantum codecs. All contributions from the commentary positions were done using the portable audio codec Quantum W. Besides this, two reporters regularly created a complex 20-minute program with a […]

Quantum Lite, Prodys smallest audio codec for reporters, has been chosen by the Belgian Radio Station  Bel RTL for conducting special live programs. This choice has been made due to its portability, easiness of use and high transmission possibilities. In the words of Frédéric Bastien, host of “WEEKEND Bel RTL”: “I used it recently in […]

For the first time, the new family of video codecs Ikusnet2 will be exhibited at IBC2017. The main feature of this family is that it includes the real-time implementation of the H.265 encoding algorithm, also known as HEVC. This encoding allows for better image quality at equal bit rate compared to its predecessor, H.264 encoding. Two different models […]

The latest Quantum version 2.2.2 includes, among other new features and improvements, a new control webpage based in HTML5 technology. This technology allows the creation of a multidevice environment, making possible to open the control webpage with any html5-supporting devices (laptop, tablet, smartphone…) simultaneously. HTML5 also allows dynamic data gathering from the device, reflecting the device […]

RBC (Radio Beijing Corporation) has made a very successful test this weeking using a Quantum W for the broadcasting of the victory of Beijing Guo An against Tianjin Yi Li in the Chinese Football League. The transmission was made using only 4G networks, choosing an MPEG4 AAC 128Kbps compression algorithm and using Diversity mode to avoid packet […]