Commentary Solutions for a New Generation of Sports

With the literal kickoff of Euro2024 this week, Prodys broadcast customers will be using their remote production and commentary solutions to ensure a seamless and engaging live production to the millions of fans supporting their home teams. 

As events unfold across stadiums and arenas, the need for flexible, reliable commentary solutions has never been greater. And this has been driven by a change in the way production has been evolving, namely with “remote production”. 

Prodys, with their world leading audio compression and video encoders, has been a driving force in enabling such demands with their cutting-edge Quantum2 portable remote broadcast encoders.

What Is Remote Production?

Before we delve into the specifics, let’s define remote production. In essence, it’s the art of producing live content without physically being on-site. Instead of sending an entire production crew to the event location, broadcasters leverage technology to capture audio, video, and data remotely. This approach offers cost savings, flexibility, and adaptability, especially in situations where attending events in person is challenging.

Quantum2: Compact Powerhouses for Commentary

Prodys’ Quantum2 portable units are compact commentary devices designed for seamless encoding and transmission of audio and video. These versatile devices adapt to various remote production scenarios, making them indispensable for sports events, as well of course other live events from radio to news to music festivals.  Let’s explore how Quantum2 enhances different application scenarios:

1. Commentators at Events

Traditionally, commentators accompany athletes and teams to the venue. From there, they send audio feeds back to the studios, where the final program is produced. Quantum2 takes this process to the next level:

  • Dual Stereo Audio Mixes: Quantum2 allows the transmission of two different stereo audio mixes. This versatility is ideal for multilingual broadcasts or separate program streams.
  • Video Support: Commentators benefit from receiving a video stream from the studio. Whether analyzing statistics, reviewing replays, or accessing VAR (Video Assistant Referee) footage, the video channel provides invaluable context.

2. Remote Commentators

Sometimes, travel isn’t feasible for commentators. Quantum2 solves this challenge:

  • Virtual Presence: By receiving a video feed, commentators can work from alternate locations—such as their offices or homes. The video source can come directly from an encoder or a cloud-based streaming server.
  • SRT and RTMP Compatibility: Quantum2 seamlessly integrates with streaming protocols, ensuring smooth video transmission.

3. Enriching Programs with Personalized Content

Prodys’ Quantum2 goes beyond audio. Its video capabilities allow commentators to contribute personalized content:

  • HD Quality: Quantum2 enables HD video transmission. Commentators’ cameras can capture presentations, interviews, and behind-the-scenes moments, enriching the overall broadcast.
  • Up to 4 Audio Channels: Embedded within the video signal, Quantum2 supports up to four audio channels. This flexibility ensures comprehensive coverage.

As Euro 2024 kicks off, Prodys’ Quantum2 portable codecs empower broadcasters, sports production teams, and radio stations. With low latency, exceptional reliability, and broadcast-quality performance, Quantum2 is the go-to solution for remote commentary. Whether it’s the roar of the crowd or the precision of a penalty kick, Quantum2 ensures that fans worldwide stay connected to the action.

For more information about Prodys and their innovative encoding products for remote live streaming, visit the Prodys Website –

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