Ikusnet QUAD is a 1U rack mount H.264 video multidecoder over IP that can receive and decode up to four simoultaneous video streams from any encoder of the Ikusnet family (ENG, BP or ST).

Ikusnet QUAD supports up to four separate bidirectional audio streams as IFB/Talkback audio channels to send and receive voice communications between field operators and MCR/Studio.

Ikusnet QUAD supports file recording on an internal hard disk. Files can be shared in the local network or can be transferred to an FTP server. When receiving files from a field unit, the system can take advantage of bandwidth aggregation using all the available IP links on the unit..

Ikusnet QUAD shares most of the features of the Ikusnet family, including BRAVE protocol with bandwidth aggregation and active recovery of lost packets.

Ikusnet QUAD has been designed to be as easy to use as possible and can be operated either from the built-in web interface or with ProdysControlPlus and Ikusmatrix applications.

There are two versions of Ikusnet QUAD:

  • 2 HD-SDI outputs.
  • 4 salidas HD-SDI outputs.

General Features

  • 2 independent Fast Ethernet interfaces to split data and control.
  • 4 streaming IP ports for independent video communications.
  • Bitrate Adaptive Video Encoding (BRAVE) for audio and video compression.
  • FEC with interleaving and Active Packet Recovery to recover lost packets.
  • Real time Network Monitoring Tools and statistics.
  • 500 GB internal Hard Disk.

Video Features

  • Up to 4 HD-SDI/SD-SDI video outputs.
  • MPEG4 AVC/H.264 SD and HD compression.
  • Video Genlock input. BlackBurst (SD) or Tri-Sync (HD).

Audio Features

  • SDI embedded audio
  • AAC and HE AAC encoding algorithms.
  • AAC ELD encoding in the talkback channel.
  • Up to 4 independent bidirectional Talkback channels (optional).