ORF Relies on Quantum Audio Codecs

ORF, the Austrian public broadcaster, has awarded Prodys a tender for the complete renewal of its audio codecs, with the predominance of transmission over IP and LTE, but also allowing the use of ISDN networks.

The ORF organization is divided into nine geographic regions, each of which has different preferences within the broadfamily of Quantum codecs available.

Among all the material purchased, the Quantum XL codecs, with 5 micro/line inputs, and the Quantum Lite reporter’s units, stand out.
Also remarkable is the choice of Quantum ST DUO studio equipment, which can be installed in O.B. vans thanks to the possibility of connecting to LTE wireless telephone networks using the HG2 outdoor module.

Prodys Audicodecs are the perfect tool for the creation of outdoor programs, as they combine in a single device the possibility of mixing several audio sources with the power of being able to use several transmission IP interfaces simultaneously.