Quantum Lite, Ready to Go Back to the Streets

For a year, global activity has been at a standstill, but as the pace of vaccination progresses, the time is approaching when the world will take to the streets and there will be a flurry of activity outside. We don’t know if your station will be ready for that moment; our Quantum Lite is.

During these months of confinement, Prodys has not stopped working on the creation of new products and the improvement of existing ones. The new version of Quantum Lite has incorporated the following changes:

  • New model of modems, with a greater number of LTE bands, so it is possible to travel to work with the equipment in a greater number of countries.
  • Mechanics prepared for the incorporation of 5G modems.
  • An internal Wi-Fi module replaces the USB Wi-Fi modem.
  • Reduced power consumption, which means longer battery life and less heating of the equipment.
  • On-screen option to mute the microphone input.

With these changes, Quantum Lite  continues to stand out as a leading solution in the portable audio codec scene, thanks to its unique features and versatility to adapt to a wide range of usage situations. .

If you would like more information on this equipment, please do not hesitate to contact us at sales@prodys.net.