Quantum Lite under all circumstances

Last April, “Hoy empieza todo” (Today it all begins), the morning show of the Spanish public radio station Radio3, made a very unique program.

Its two hosts decided to step out of their usual studio and conduct a full hour talk show in the car of one of them, as the vehicle drove to its destination and stopped for improvised interviews with passers-by. And all this using only a Prodys Quantum Lite encoder and a microphone.

Thanks to the incredible performance of the Quantum Lite portable equipment, the transmission of the program was possible without any interruptions in communication and always with high audio quality. The combination of portability and professionalism of this equipment makes it the perfect companion for this type of adventure, where quality, reliability and adaptation to any type of environment are required.

Quantum Lite is Prodys’ smallest portable device. It has a rechargeable battery and allows extremely reliable outdoor audio contributions over wireless networks as it can simultaneously use 2 SIM cards from two different LTE networks.