Quantum technology in the tennis courts

Spanish public broadcaster RTVE used 3 Quantum2 W commentary units for the broadcast of the Mutua Madrid Open tennis tournament that ended on May 5th in Madrid.   

Each of the equipment provided service to three commentators, and the audio mix was sent by two different routes to ensure the transmission: on the one hand, a fixed IP connection was used to the MCR using the BRAVE protocol; on the other hand, the audio mix was sent directly to a mobile unit and the return was received through the line audio input.

According to César García, RTVE’s International Control Engineer, ‘I find the Quantum2 equipment very reliable. That is essential for us because in a transmission like this one they are on for 12 or 14 hours.’

RTVE intends to use the same Quantum2 portable equipment for its pitch commentaries at the next UEFA Euro, which will take place this summer in Germany.

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