Reliable Video Transmission on Unreliable Networks

Nowadays, in order to achieve a quality point-to-point video link, it is necessary to invest heavily in guaranteeing a high transmission bandwidth and a reliable transmission line. These conditions make the cost of these links unbearable for many broadcasters. Until now.
The new Ikusnet2 ST video encoder enables high quality video bi-directional links over unreliable IP networks, attacking the problem from two sides:
On the one hand, its efficient implementation of the novel HEVC coding algorithm reduces the need for large bandwidths.
On the other hand, the BRAVE protocol provides the necessary tools so that the use of unreliable IP networks such as the Internet or LTE is no longer a problem:
  • It allows bonding of up to 10 IP interfaces: 2 Ethernet lines for fiber, ADSL, satellite; one Wifi connection and up to 8 LTE links.
  • It allows to adapt the transmission bandwidth to the availability of the networks in a dynamic way.
  • It has active recovery of IP packets and FEC, so that it is possible to resend or recalculate in the receiver IP packets that have not reached their destination.

If you are interested in installing a link with these features and would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact your local distributor or send an email to