RTP chooses Quantum Lite for its reporters

Portuguese Public Broadcaster RTP has opted for Quantum Lite portable audio encoders to reinforce the equipment of its reporters.

“From now on our journalists will be able to work in a much more agile way by sending their interviews and news reports live or recorded audio files almost in real time thanks to the 3G/4G data connections of the equipment,” said Mr. António Ferreira, Technical Director – Project Manager of RTP.

The Quantum Lite units are designed for the transmission of quality audio over IP interfaces, both fixed (Ethernet) and wireless (Wi-Fi and 2 integrated 3G/4G modems). The main advantage of this equipment is that it allows the joint use of all these interfaces, both to increase the available transmission bandwidth (bonding mode) and to increase the redundancy and reliability of the transmission (diversity mode).

One of the great advantages of this system is that, thanks to the ProdysControlPlus codec manager, it is possible to configure and manage the remote equipment from the central studios, so that reporters do not have to worry about any technical details and can concentrate on doing their job”. Mr. António Ferreira commented

This operation has been made possible thanks to the work of SatCab, the company that distributes the Prodys equipment in Portugal and whose specialized personnel have carried out both the installation of the studio equipment and the training of the end users.