The following general support and service policy applies to all Prodys products:

  • All equipment has a standard warranty of 1 year. Extended warranty can be purchased separately (contact sales office for quotation). Warranty on batteries is 6 months. (Prodys strongly recommend that for long term storage that batteries are maintained with a charge of approximately 65%).
  • Mechanical damage or high stress on connectors, SIM card holders & enclosure are not covered by the warranty. Damage due high voltage discharge over electronic balanced inputs/outputs (analogue inputs/outputs) or lack of correct ground connection are not covered by the warranty.
  • Operation and storage within -10ºC and 50ºC must be observed.
  • Our warranty policy is “Return to Base”; i.e. the customer delivers the affected equipment to Prodys at the customers cost. Prodys will return equipment after the service without cost via DPD.
  • Outside of warranty, the customer would also pay for the return freight cost.
  • Any service request must be preceded by a Return Material Authorization number (RMA) obtained by email to . There is a downloadable RMA document in the Support Menu that should be filled out describing in as much detail as possible the circumstances of the failure and the effects on the operation of the equipment, along with unit model and firmware/software version. Prodys support will respond within 24 hours (week days) with a guide for possible field diagnostic prior shipping. The RMA will be assigned if the claim is confirmed after the field diagnostic.
  • Average repair time is about 10 labor days (shipping time not included).
  • Service shipping address is

C/ Avena, 44, nave 3
28914 Leganés

  • To process shipments for repair from countries outside the European Union we recommend indicating the minimum value of the goods possible for customs clearance. Also, that those goods will be returned to the original shipping country after service
  • No repair estimates are provided prior to service, but the customer will be consulted beforehand if the cost of repair may exceed 25% of the original purchase price.
  • Equipment repairs are warranted for 3 months; given the very same problem has not been solved at the first service. Only the highest repair bill applies during the repair warranty time. Repairs for equipment older than 10 years are not warranted. Repairs of equipment older than 10 years may be declined by the manufacturer if lack of spare parts or lack experience for discontinued products happens.
  • Technical assistance might be request free of charge at or phone +34 91 689 68 80 (Monday till Friday 8:30 -17:30; CET). Any communication must be followed in English. Our local distributor might attend in local language.
  • Unattended weeks of the year are: first week of January, second week of August and last week of December.
  • Future maintenance firmware releases for codecs are available without charge on teh Prodys website – Support menu. New features optionally provided may require an additional licence to be purchased for activation.
  • On site or remote software upgrades are not included within the standard service offering during the warranty period – Full documentation is provided on the Prodys website for any medium skilled IT technician to follow.
  • ProdysControlPlus service fees for releases and ongoing upgrades are applicable one year after license purchase and annually after that for continued support. However licenses are not time limited. This service includes: new software update if applicable, new function upgrade if applicable, new Prodys model if applicable, migration to new hardware or new O.S. Platforms (new “virtualization”) and reported issues.
  • User manuals are provided free of charge on the Prodys website – Support menu. Personal user access is granted free upon request via web form.



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