Version 2.3.0w. What does it offer to the Quantum Lite user?

This February, version 2.3.0w was released and offers a couple of very interesting new features for Quantum Lite users.

Until now, when communication was in progress, it was not possible to change the volume of the line and USB audio inputs. This is now possible, as the audio matrix display, where these controls are located, is only partially blocked when the connection is in progress. Gain adjustment is now allowed but not matrix settings.

Secondly, a new operation mode has been created at the request of one of our clients. Until now, it was possible to play files and mix them with the microphone input. In this way a reporter could introduce an insert live audio clips previously recorded. However, our customer was missing the possibility to mute the microphone during file playback so that no unexpected noise would get through. This has been solved by adding the option “Mute inputs when playing a file”. With this option active, the inputs are automatically muted when the audio file starts playing. To access this option you have to press the configuration icon in the PLAY menu.

As Quantum Lite users, do you find these options useful?