What’s new at IBC 2018

This year, the main novelty in Prodys equipment for IBC 2018 is the arrival of video to the Quantum portable audio encoders, specifically the Quantum XL.

Up to now, this equipment could use up to 7 IP interfaces for the transmission of two stereo audio channels. From now on, through these interfaces it will also be possible to transport video images, with two options:

  • Video Decoder: Quantum XL can be equipped with an H.264 video decoder that will allow you to receive a video stream from a remote video device and display it on an external screen. Possible applications of this functionality include remote commentator, voice-over, simultaneous translation, etc.
  • Video Encoder: in remote commentator applications it will now be possible to add a camera to send local images to the studio using Quantum XL’s H.264 encoding option.

In addition to this attractive innovation, new possibilities have been added to the Quantum audio codecs, both portable and stationary, the most outstanding from a technical point of view being the adoption of new AES67/Ravenna cards, which are added to the Dante/AES67 cards that have been used until now, and which increase the possibilities of integration of Prodys equipment in different audio over IP environments.

The other most outstanding novelty within the Prodys equipment is that the new line of HEVC video codecs is now available for purchase.

The first equipment available are the Ikusnet2 BP backpack portable encoder, and the Ikusnet2 ST (encoder + decoder), Ikusnet2 ST Decoder (one output decoder) and Ikusnet2 Quad (4 output decoder) studio receivers.

To celebrate the launch of this new family of equipment, Prodys presents a spectacular promotional offer, consisting of portable encoder Ikusnet2 BP, receiver Ikusnet2 ST Decoder, backpack, battery and modems for only 10,000 €. If you are interested in taking advantage of this offer, hurry because it is a limited duration offer.