Quantum One is an IP Multicodec in a 1U rack, which can house up to 4 IP audio codec modules over IP providing up to 8 stereo links.

Quantum multicodecs increase the number of audio links as would be achieved combining many Quantum ST codecs within a reduced space, inheriting all its key features such as its widest range of audio compression modes, stability, flexibility and easiness to use.

Each Quantum One module has two Ethernet ports allowing bandwidth aggregation (Bonding) and redundant transmission (Diversity). A third Ehernet port is used to support individual remote control of each audio module via embedded web server or centralized management via ProdysControlPlus..

Optional Dante/AES67 or Ravenna/AES67 modules are available to provide an interface for uncompressed digital audio over a single Ethernet cable replacing all the individual audio inputs and outputs.


  • Analog and Digital AES/EBU stereo audio I/O.
  • Optional Dante/AES67 or Ravenna/AES67 module to provide an uncompressed digital audio interface in a single Ethernet cable. (Ravenna or Dante AoIP is mandatory for 5..8 stereo link support).
  • Support Mpeg1/2 LayerII, AAC, apt-X, G711/G722, OPUS and PCM.


  • 2x Ethernet interfaces to make bonding or diversity transmissions. This enables streaming of STL-grade audio quality over inexpensive links.
  • Additional LAN Management port to split audio and control data flows.
  • Call facilities: Auto-redial, call scheduler and log systems.
  • IP Compatibily: support SIP/SDP/RTP/STUN protocols according the standard defined by EBU’s N/ACIP group.


  • Configurable and scalable system : Up to 4 IP single or double stereo modules. Cards can be hot swapped for servicing or maintenance.
  • Each module can be controlled remotely from its Web Page or from ProdysControlPlus.
  • Automatic detection of the encoding mode used by the remote unit.
  • Independent encoding/decoding operation.
  • User Access Control to define different access restrictions in a per user basis.
  • Configuration presets to define different configurations for all or some specific parameters.
  • Alarms: Real Time alarms management through SNMP traps, GPO and e-mails.
  • One user configurable general purpose input-output (GPIO). The input can be set up to control audio inputs or reset alarms, and the output can be configured to monitor different parameters.
  • Serial Port to transmit/receive auxiliary data along with the audio.
  • Local or remotely (TCP/IP) upgrading of one or several units at once using the same utility. Factory software upgrades can be downloaded.
  • AC or DC Redundant Power Supply.

Analog Audio

  • Stereo I/O.
  • 24 bits A/D and D/A converters.
  • 15 way D type connector electronically balanc

Digital Audio

  • Stereo Audio I/O.
  • AES/EBU. Up to 24 bits. Automatic rate adaptation.
  • 9 way D type connector.
  • External clock input.

Dante/AES67 or Ravenna/AES67 audio inputs/outputs (optional)

GPIO and Ancillary Data

  • 1 contact closure input
  • 1 open collector output
  • User configurable. Remote contact closures.
  • RJ45 connector on front panel.

Compresión de Audio

  • PCM (16,20 & 24 bits)
  • G722, G711 A/μ Law
  • MPEG 1,2 Layer II
  • OPUS
  • Enhanced and Standard apt-X™
  • MPEG AAC LC, LD, ELD & HE (optional).


  • 2 x 10/100/1000 BaseTx Ethernet, RJ45 connector.
  • 1 x Ethernet switch to concentrate all the management traffic in a single port
  • TCP/UDP/IP, Multicast & Unicast.
  • SIP/SDP/RTP/STUN comprising Tech 3326 & 3368 EBU N/ACIP standard.
  • FEC as per RFC 2733.
  • Active Packet Recovery.
  • 2 Ethernet interfaces for Bonding or Diversity with BRAVE protocol by Prodys.
  • Prodys NAT Traversal Streaming Protocol.
  • SIP Diversity according N/ACIP EBU Tech 3368.
  • Automatic Jitter buffer to avoid audio dropouts, compensating for up to 20 seconds of jitter in the IP connection.


  • Monitoring of system parameters, links and decoder.
  • Notification via e-mail, SNMP traps and GPO.
  • NVRAM memory to store alarm information.


  • Width: 483mm; Height: 43,4 mm (3U); Depth: 363 mm