Quantum2 Lite AV s an advanced 1/2U rack-mount dual IP audio codec with the functionality of sending and receiving video for studio/MCR or OB van.

Quantum2 Lite AV provides steady and highly reliable audio links using diversity streams. Point to multipoint distribution is supported (multi-unicast 1:10) or unlimited with multicast protocol. Optionally, LTE/5G connections can be used to increase the number of available IP interfaces.

Quantum2 Lite AV allows two two-way stereo audio connections and one simultaneous two-way video connection. Audio connections can be established with BRAVE, SIP or RTP protocols. Supported video streaming protocols are BRAVE, SRT, RTMP/RTMPS and MPEG-TS. Video encoding can be HEVC and H.264.

Dante/AES67 or Ravenna/AES67 are available to provide an uncompressed digital audio interface over a single Ethernet cable, replacing all individual audio inputs and outputs.

This unit can be controlled from its built-in web graphical interface, its front panel display menu, or from the ProdysControlPlus application. The new WEBMONITOR is also available to listen to the unit’s audio from ProdysControlPlus or an Internet browser on a distant location. This makes the equipment fully manageable remotely, facilitating the work of supervisors.


  • AES67, Dante or Ravenna audio Inputs/Outputs.
  • Supports Mpeg1/2 LayerII, AAC, apt-X, G711/G722, OPUS and PCM.


  • SDI and HDMI inputs and outputs.
  • AVC (H.264) and HEVC (H.265) encoding and decoding.
  • Simultaneous BRAVE and SRT encoding and decoding.
  • Streaming Forwarding.functionality.


  • Inherits world-class IP technology from the Prodys Audio/Video codec family:
    – Automatic Jitter buffer. This adjustable buffer avoids audio dropouts in the IP connection.
    – Automatic synchronization adjustment with the transmitter site rate, to give a constant delay in IP communications.
    – Prodys NAT Traversal Streaming Protocol permits router firewall pass-through with zero configuration.
    – Prodys Real time Network Analyzer to monitor critical network parameters in real time during the connection.
    – FEC (Forward Error Correction). Up to 24 different schemes are available, to fit to the desired delay and available bandwidth.
    – Error Concealment mechanisms on Mpeg audio modes are supported to reduce the impact of packet losses.
  • 2 x Ethernet interfaces: Either to split streaming and control or for bonding/diversity 2 IP links.
  • Optional LTE/5G connections.
  • IP Compatibility: SIP/SDP/RTP/STUN protocols are supported according to the standard defined by the N/ACIP project within the EBU group.


  • User friendly interface via touch panel, built-in Web Server or ProdysControlPlus application.
  • User Access Control to define different access restrictions in a per user basis.
  • Configuration presets to define different configurations for all or some specific parameters.
  • Alarms: Real Time alarms management.
  • Serial port to transmit/receive ancillary data along with the audio.
  • Local or remotely (TCP/IP) upgrading of one or several units at once using the same utility. Factory software upgrades can be downloaded.
  • WEBCALL license to provide ad hoc audio links from Internet browsers in laptops and smartphones.
  • WEBMONITOR license for remote audio monitoring.

Audio Compression

  • PCM (16,20 & 24 bits)
  • G722, G711 A/μ laws
  • MPEG 1,2 Layer II
  • OPUS
  • Enhanced and Standard apt-X™
  • MPEG AAC LC, LD, ELD & HE (optional).

Video Input/Output

  • 1xSDI input according to SMPTE 292M (HD-SDI) and 424M (3G-SDI) and 1xHDMI input.
  • 1xSDI and 1xHDMI outputs, both simultaneous
  • AVC (H.264) and HEVC (H.265) encoding and decoding.
  • Streaming protocols: SRT, BRAVE, RTMP/RTMPS or MPEG-TS


  • 2 Ethernet ports for bonding, diversity or splitting control and stream.
  • 10/100/1000BaseTx Ethernet, RJ45 connectors.
  • TCP/UDP/IP, Multicast & Unicast.
  • SIP/SDP/RTP/STUN comprising Tech 3326 & 3368 EBU N/ACIP standard.
  • FEC as per RFC 2733.
  • Error Concealment.
  • Prodys NAT Traversal Streaming Protocol.

RS232 port

  • 1xSerial port (RJ45 connector)
  • Tx and Rx of ancillary data along with the audio.

Power Supply

  • External AC/DC power supply. Input 100-140V; 1.5A.  Output 12V; 4.2A

Dimensions & Weight

  • 1U x 19” rack system: 40.5 x 212 x 173mm (H x W x D)
  • Weight: 1 Kg.