One of Quantum Lite‘s most notable success stories is its deployment in the Andean region of Latin America, particularly in Colombia. So far, a total of 45 broadcasters throughout the country have acquired Quantum Lite portable encoders to make their live work possible: street programmes, interviews, reports, sports broadcasts, commercial programmes outside the booth… as […]

One of the most interesting examples of the use of Quantum Lite occurs every weekend on the programme Agropopular on Cadena COPE (Spain). This is a programme dedicated to agricultural information in which the presenter, César Lumbreras, always travels around the country accompanied by his Quantum Lite equipment (and sometimes even a Quantum W), visiting […]

Prodys and Trialcom join forces to accelerate the digital transformation of IP communications in Latin America. Trialcom (Argentina) has started distributing Prodys equipment in the region and, with great success, has delivered several audio and video solutions. Among its first customers are Radio Rivadavia, Radio Continental and Radio Mitre (Cañada de Gómez). The first results […]

On September 9th, the tribute concert in memory of the famous Greek rock musician Lavrentis Machairitsas took place in the gardens of the Megaron Mousikis, the main concert hall of Athens. ERT, the Greek public radio communications radio and television, broadcast the event using Quantum W to transmit the audio of the performances, as well as voiceovers […]

While the process of establishing a connection with the study team is not complicated, there are times when it is important to act quickly. In those cases, it is important to minimize the time it takes to establish the connection. For this reason, the Quantum family equipment has two possibilities that greatly simplify this process: […]

The recent COVID-19 crisis has forced media workers to do their work from home, providing information and entertainment to a population more in need than ever before. This situation has required equipment capable of providing professional audio quality, ease of use and versatility to suit any work environment. All this is perfectly fulfilled by Prodys’ […]

Due to the exceptional situation we are experiencing in Spain on the occasion of the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), we would like to inform you that, following the recommendations issued by the Spanish health authorities, PRODYS is implementing the necessary measures to minimize the health risks for our workers, customers and suppliers. In this regard, we […]