Sports production can be stressful and is often constrained by budget. It is often the case that once the production team is onsite, or when a news journalist reaches their anchor point, the promised infrastructure in terms of network bandwidth and availability is never quite as promised. Sound familiar? Ensuring live streaming goals such as […]

In today’s complex broadcast environment, managing multiple live audio and video streams can be a time-consuming task within a pressurized environment to meet strict deadlines. Not only for TV production and broadcast engineers, but anyone with the task of using a camera for live streaming need to ensure smooth operation, which can be problematic for […]

With the literal kickoff of Euro2024 this week, Prodys broadcast customers will be using their remote production and commentary solutions to ensure a seamless and engaging live production to the millions of fans supporting their home teams.  As events unfold across stadiums and arenas, the need for flexible, reliable commentary solutions has never been greater. […]

From April 29 to May 2, 2024, the International Pastors’ Meeting for the Synod was held in Sacrofano, Rome. The event was streamed in audio and video using Quantum2 W equipment upgraded with an HG10 communication module to expand the number of LTE modems used in the broadcast. The production scheme used ,devised and implemented […]

Spanish public broadcaster RTVE used 3 Quantum2 W commentary units for the broadcast of the Mutua Madrid Open tennis tournament that ended on May 5th in Madrid.    Each of the equipment provided service to three commentators, and the audio mix was sent by two different routes to ensure the transmission: on the one hand, […]

Audio Compression? For media production and live streaming professionals, selecting the right codec for media workflows is crucial. Codecs compress audio and video data, facilitating transmission over networks by reducing bandwidth usage. This is especially important for live workflows over wireless networks, such as 4G and satellite, where quality, reliability, and low delay are vital, […]

In the dynamic realm of media production, especially in remote broadcast workflows, the need for reliable and high-quality live streams back to the studio is paramount. Prodys, a pioneering force in the broadcast industry with video encoders and audio encoders , has risen to meet this challenge with their proprietary BRAVE streaming protocol. Designed to […]

In today’s interconnected world, remote radio interviews have become increasingly common. Whether you’re a journalist, a radio host, or an expert being interviewed, the ability to conduct high-quality interviews from anywhere is crucial. Prodys, a leading provider of audio and video compression technologies, offers an excellent solution for remote radio interviews: Prodys WebCall. What is […]