NEP The Netherlands has opted for IP codecs from Prodys for a variety of large projects in recent years. This platform is used for big international clients for fixed intercom between hubs, occasional use for our LiveCenter (MCR) and remote commentary. The platform is managed by the Sourcing & Distribution department of NEP The Netherlands. […]

At the recently held European Swimming Championships in Rome, Prodys provided the host broadcaster RAI with the necessary infrastructure for sending audio between the event venues and the rightholders who broadcast the championships for their respective countries. For this purpose, the RAI had a Quantum 3U multicodec with the capacity to transmit up to 28 […]

Czech Radio regularly pays maximum attention to events at the Olympic Games and therefore sent a large team of sports reporters, commentators and technicians to the Winter Olympics in Beijing. Prodys Quantum codecs were used to ensure live broadcasts and inputs, which, thanks to their capabilities, completely met the requirements for “sports equipment” for such […]

Contributions are evolving very fast lately due to several factors: infrastructure improvements, new standards, more efficient hardware, new ideas for live production, not to mention the pandemic.  Prodys’s Quantum2 family is born in the spirit of bringing these new currents of innovation together to create a unique product that goes beyond a portable contribution codec. What makes […]

In the last months of the year 2021 Prodys has experienced a remarkable increase in sales of Quantum portable audio equipment. One of the most prominent cases is in Poland, where the distribution company BCP has helped major public and private operators to purchase new equipment. From Radio Zet to Canal+ to various regional stations of Polskie Radio, all have relied on the high sound […]

Some months have passed since the volcano on the island of La Palma (Spain) erupted, leaving a devastated landscape around it and the lives of many local people changed forever. All this has been transmitted to the world daily by journalists from RNE and TVE with the help of Prodys audio (Quantum Lite) and video (Ikusnet) encoding equipment. This equipment has sometimes […]

One of Quantum Lite‘s most notable success stories is its deployment in the Andean region of Latin America, particularly in Colombia. So far, a total of 45 broadcasters throughout the country have acquired Quantum Lite portable encoders to make their live work possible: street programmes, interviews, reports, sports broadcasts, commercial programmes outside the booth… as […]

One of the most interesting examples of the use of Quantum Lite occurs every weekend on the programme Agropopular on Cadena COPE (Spain). This is a programme dedicated to agricultural information in which the presenter, César Lumbreras, always travels around the country accompanied by his Quantum Lite equipment (and sometimes even a Quantum W), visiting […]