The BAUER MEDIA GROUP has significantly expanded its audio distribution network thanks to its new acquisitions of Quantum ST Duo equipment. Bauer Media Group is one of the world’s largest privately owned media business with media assets all over the globe and operates a large number of commercial, local, national and digital radio stations in the UK. Quantum ST Duo stands out for this STL […]

Sonopro Group, the Portuguese Audio, Image, Multimedia and Broadcasting company which distributes Prodys equipment, is having a great success in introducing Quantum Lite codecs in African countries. Only in Angola has it already achieved that Radio Nacional de Angola, Radio Tocoísta, Radio Eclésia, Radio Kairos, Radio Mais and Radio MFM become users of Quantum Lite […]

Nowadays, in order to achieve a quality point-to-point video link, it is necessary to invest heavily in guaranteeing a high transmission bandwidth and a reliable transmission line. These conditions make the cost of these links unbearable for many broadcasters. Until now. The new Ikusnet2 ST video encoder enables high quality video bi-directional links over unreliable IP networks, attacking the […]

RAI, the Italian public broadcaster, has awarded Prodys a tender for the complete renovation of its IP audio codecs. RAI has placed great emphasis on the possibility of integrating these codecs into its AES67/Dante network, seeking to evolve its infrastructure towards this technology. In the transmitting centres, they will use Quantum One multi-codecs, which allow […]

ORF, the Austrian public broadcaster, has awarded Prodys a tender for the complete renewal of its audio codecs, with the predominance of transmission over IP and LTE, but also allowing the use of ISDN networks. The ORF organization is divided into nine geographic regions, each of which has different preferences within the broadfamily of Quantum codecs […]