Rack Encoders for Live Streaming Video over fixed lines or 4G/5G

Ikusnet3 HR is a compact, bidirectional broadcast encoder for reliably live streaming over the internet, either with fixed lines, or as a 4G video encoder, with an independent Talkback Audio Channel and offered at highly competitive low price.

It supports both H.264 and H.265/HEVC video encoding and can utilize different streaming protocols  including SRT, RTMP and MPEG TS, as well as using the Prodys’ BRAVE protocol which can offer higher bandwidth and reliability of the network communications by aggregating multiple IP network links.

The Ikusnet encoder family have been designed to adapt to multiple usage scenarios such as studio-to-studio live streaming, or from a remote location to the studio where it can be used as a 4G video encoder or used over fixed lines, where it is necessary to send high quality, low delay video reliably over the internet, with delays of less than 1 second. It allows broadcasters and production companies to avoid the use of expensive private or dedicated lease lines.

Ikusnet3 HR can connect to an external 5G/LTE communications module with up to 8 modems. With its compact dimensions (half a rack unit), it has the possibility of establishing bidirectional connections, allowing video streaming in both directions, making it the ideal broadcast equipment for installation in mobile units, remote production houses, or anywhere where available space is limited such as an outside broadcast (OB) van.

Ikusnet3 HR is remotely manageable via HTML5 web or the Prodys ControlPlus application, which allows the simultaneous management of many encoding devices, regardless of their location.

Ikusnet3 HR as a 4G bonding encoder, is fully compatible with the Quantum2 family of portable 4G audio encoding equipment.

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  • Bidirectional live video + talkback audio streams using BRAVE protocol.
  • AVC(H.264)/HEVC(H.265) HD/SD Live video broadcasting over IP networks.
  • Support multiple 3G/4G/5G/Dual-Ethernet link aggregation of up to 10 links.
  • Multiple transmission protocols: BRAVE™ (BitRate Adaptive Video Encoding), SRT, MPEG-TS and RTMP.
  • Permits the assembling of up to 10 incoming sub-streams and its restreaming to other SRT, MPEG-TS and/or RTMP compatible codecs.
  • Compression and streaming of up to 4 SDI embedded audio channels.
  • FEC, Active Packet Recovery and Error Concealment to reduce the impact of packet losses..
  • NAT Traversal Remote control via ProdysControlPlus.

General Features

  • 2 x RJ-45 Fast Ethernet ports to split data and control or for bandwidth aggregation.
  • BRAVE™ (BitRate Adaptive Video Encoding), SRT, MPEG-TS and RTMP protocols for video reception and re-streaming over IP.
  • FEC, Error Concealment and Active Packet Recovery to mitigate network impairments.
  • Configurable transmission delay to adapt to different network types and performances.
  • Real time Network Monitoring Tools and statistics.
  • NAT Traversal Remote Control via ProdysControlPlus.

Video Features

  • 1 SDI and 1 HDMI video input
  • 1 SDI output
  • Broadcast BNC connectors.
  • H.265/H.264 standard encoding with selectable bitrates starting at low bit rates.
  • Selectable or automatic bitrate to optimize transmission quality network conditions.
  • SD and HD compatible: PAL, NTSC, 720p, 1080p and 1080i.

Audio Features

  • 4 embedded mono audio channel
  • Talkback option: 1 analog stereo and 1 digital stereo channel, with SubD connectors compatible with all Prodys equipment.
  • AAC LC, AAC ELD and HE AAC encoding algorithms.

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