WEBCALL license for Quantum rackmount units

When a radio station needs to interview a celebrity or a regular contributor from home, a problem arises: either use the poor quality of telephone audio for the interview or send them expensive professional equipment that they either don’t know how to use or need the assistance of a specialist technician. The Prodys WEBCALL function was designed to solve this problem. Initially, the WEBCALL function allowed a two-way quality audio connection to be established between a Prodys QLST codec installed in the broadcaster and any HTML5-enabled web browser running on a PC, tablet or smartphone.

The big news is that Prodys has extended the WEBCALL license to all stationary devices of the Quantum family: Quantum ST, Quantum One and Quantum 3U. This means that anyone who owns one of these Prodys rack-mounted devices can use this license to have simple, fast and high-quality connections without the need for the interviewee to install anything on their devices.

The WEBCALL licence is a one-time service with no recurring costs.

For more information or to subscribe to this service, please contact your local distributor or sales@prodys.net.