Making the call process easier: One-Click call and Connection on Start-up

While the process of establishing a connection with the study team is not complicated, there are times when it is important to act quickly. In those cases, it is important to minimize the time it takes to establish the connection. For this reason, the Quantum family equipment has two possibilities that greatly simplify this process:

  • One-Click call: the call is made simply by pressing the button, without having to choose the destination address or the appropriate profile, as these values are configured beforehand.
  • Connection on Start-up: Even easier. The connection is automatically established as soon as the equipment is switched on and an IP interface is available for communication.  When working with modems, the call will be established when at least one of them manages to register in the cellular network.

 These options are available in the Streaming->Connection menu.

And we must not forget that there is a third option to free the user from the obligation to establish the connection. When the ProdyscontrolPlus software is available, the control of the laptop can be done from the studio, so the technician in the studio can decide when and how to make the connection.

If you are already a Quantum Lite user, what is your experience in establishing calls? Do you use any of these methods?