Quantum Lite in Colombia

One of Quantum Lite‘s most notable success stories is its deployment in the Andean region of Latin America, particularly in Colombia. So far, a total of 45 broadcasters throughout the country have acquired Quantum Lite portable encoders to make their live work possible: street programmes, interviews, reports, sports broadcasts, commercial programmes outside the booth… as well as to ensure studio quality for important journalists who have had to carry out their programmes from their homes during confinement.

From the urban environments of the country’s major cities to the backwaters of the jungle or desert, Quantum Lite has proven its superb sound quality, transmission reliability and ease of use.

RCN Radio is a clear example in Colombia of such confidence in this compact but robust equipment, providing a large number of Quantum Lite audiocodecs to both its remote sites nationwide and its main headquarters in the capital, Bogota.

Even in areas where connection is not possible, Quantum Lite offers practical solutions, as the technical department of the radio station Latina Estéreo, located in the municipality of Puerto Asís, in the Amazonian department of Putumayo, has experienced. Its manager Carlos Morales shares a relevant experience:

“One day we went out to transmit far from the city centre and as the data signal was not the best, what we did was to record the interview on the Quantum Lite and run to where the signal was good, and from there send the transmission. We worked up a sweat that day but it all went very well. That the equipment allows that and then to do a fake live is a great advantage.”