Quantum2 Audio and Video Portable Codecs

Contributions are evolving very fast lately due to several factors: infrastructure improvements, new standards, more efficient hardware, new ideas for live production, not to mention the pandemic.

 Prodys’s Quantum2 family is born in the spirit of bringing these new currents of innovation together to create a unique product that goes beyond a portable contribution codec.

What makes this family of equipment different is that it permits audio and video connections in a single device, being able to establish two independent and bidirectional stereo streams and one video stream with 4 embedded audio channels. Quantum2 has multiple transmission interfaces, and they are capable of working simultaneously: 2 Ethernet ports, Wi-Fi and up to 8 LTE links, being 5G an available option.

Video capabilities allow not only to simplify applications where several devices and services are now necessary but also to address new ways of producing live events. Different scenarios are possible: remote commentaries, video transmission of pre and breaks of the events, support to on-site commentators that cannot cover visually all the event, creation of audio and video programs on-site and live delivery to the cloud…

The Quantum2 codecs have been designed to work in infrastructures formed by devices from other manufacturers thanks to the use of standard protocols in their audio interfaces (AES67), audio transmission (SIP), video transmission (SRT) and management (Ember+).