Ikusnet Video Codec in Uruguay

The Uruguayan television channel Canal Once Punta del Este has acquired Ikusnet for its live video contributions. Thanks to this new device, Canal Once is now able to add much more dynamic audiovisual content to its daily schedule, with a very small investment.

Ikusnet is a multi-purpose HD/SD Mpeg4 portable IP video codec that can broadcast live from anywhere, at anytime, supporting bandwidth aggregation of up to 10 links with a statistical real-time load-balancing algorithm that assures best possible network utilization.

The main features of Ikusnet system are:

  • Real-time video encoding and decoding using a FPGA-DSP platform that offers a better quality and lower delay than standard PC-based implementations.
  • Ten IP interfaces: Eight 3G/4G + Ethernet + Wi-Fi.
  • Selectable or automatic bitrate and reception buffer size to adjust transmission quality to network conditions.
  • FEC, Active Packet Recovery and Error Concealment to reduce the impact of packet losses.

While Ikusnet equipment continues to be used in many countries for live contributions, at Prodys we are already finishing preparations for the launch of the new Ikusnet2 family. The main feature of this family is that it includes the real-time implementation of the H.265 encoding algorithm, also known as HEVC. This encoding allows for better image quality at equal bit rate compared to its predecessor, H.264 encoding.