Quantum Lite in BEL RTL special events

Quantum Lite, Prodys smallest audio codec for reporters, has been chosen by the Belgian Radio Station  Bel RTL for conducting special live programs. This choice has been made due to its portability, easiness of use and high transmission possibilities.

In the words of Frédéric Bastien, host of “WEEKEND Bel RTL”:

“I used it recently in two different cases. Two great and important reports for our radio station: during the carnival of Binche, in the middle of a noisy crowd, and during the Elvis Presley Week, a special event that took place in Memphis, Tennesse (USA) in the 40th anniversary of Elvis Prestley’s decease.”

“For me, Quantum Lite is THE solution for a radio reporter, because it is compact, light, easy to use and  probably the most important) reliable.

The possibility of monitoring the communication is the key to the success, because is the real guarantee of the link with the Radio Station, both for a Live Report, and, also, to send recorded files. And the sound is very nice!”