For the first time, the new family of video codecs Ikusnet2 will be exhibited at IBC2017. The main feature of this family is that it includes the real-time implementation of the H.265 encoding algorithm, also known as HEVC. This encoding allows for better image quality at equal bit rate compared to its predecessor, H.264 encoding.

Two different models of portable video codecs will be presented:

  • Ikusnet2 ENG: the only bidirectional H.265 portable video codec in the market, now with double video streaming capacity.
  • Ikusnet2 BP: smaller and lighter than its H.264 counterpart, Ikusnet2 BP is the perfect choice for real time contributions in the field.

Along with portable codecs, the new Ikusnet2 ST studio codec will be shown. This 1RU customizable device can act as a single encoder, as a single decoder, as a multiple decoder or as a bidirectional codec. A half-size version (Ikusnet2 S) is also available.